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Q:  Lawrence what have you been up to?

A:   I'm working on a new, group of characters for another graphic novel.

Q:  Any chance you'll be creating more of your polished, metal sculptures?

A:  I have a few things in the works.

Q:  What advice would you give to investors interested in your work?

A:  If you love art and you’re looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio,
    art investing can be a solid choice. If the stock market crashes, fine art can remain
    unaffected and even continue to rise in value.

Q: What is your new graphic novel about?

A:   It's a story about friendship and the power of love.

Q:  You did another graphic novel called, "Motorcycle Girl" right?

A:  Yes I've made a couple of other Graphic Novels, "Approaching Nowhere" & "Motorcycle Girl."
     Much of my figurative work has been developed around a kind of narrative.  At some point, I
     took my my wife's advice and I began to write these stories down. Creating visual stories has
     become my new passion in life.

Q: You mentioned that you are creating all new characters for your Graphic Novel.

A: The protagonist in my story meets up with other robots. The challenge was to develop the new characters in a way that was different from the             work I'm better known for. With that in mind, I reinvented my approach and just did whatever I liked.

Q: Can you explain how you make your sculptures?

A: An inspiration spawns an idea, which manifests in my mind. I will draw many of the engineering aspects of the design until I feel confident I can
   produce the best possible result. The rest is simply the nuts and bolts necessary in the production of anything. One percent inspiration & ninety
   nine percent perspiration.


Polished - All Metal - Sculptures
Process pictures - Height: Thirty Inches